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“The Cutting Edge of Product Evolution” ™

A company that concentrates its efforts on the Sales and Distribution of innovative products.

Markin Co

Markin Co is committed to bringing the most innovative construction products from companies to consumers, and from around the world to the United States. These products are high-quality, innovative, energy-efficient and solve real life challenges in the construction industry. This will result in products that are unique, in-demand, and useful to our employees, our customers, and ourselves. 

This is why Markin Co will always be on the cutting edge of product evolution.

Markin Co Products:

The products that Markin Co sells in order to gain our cutting edge, are windows, doors, siding, and roofing. However, these aren't just your generic products you could find at your local hardware store. These home improvement products are energy efficient, high quality, and backed with long-term warranties that give the buyer a sense of security that their investment into their home will last a lifetime. 


Markin Co sells windows from brands like Marvin and Provia, brands that are high quality, have high energy ratings, and have a wide selection of window choices to choose from.


Markin Co also sells doors from these brands (Marvin and Provia) as well, sporting similar energy ratings and wide selections of choices, as well as customization past the vast amount of doors available. 


Siding sold by Markin Co comes from either Eotek, who is known for their strong and stylish brand of siding products, or our own Seamless Steel Siding products we produce ourselves. All of the siding that Markin Co sells is able to be chosen to fit your vision for the exterior of your home, while not breaking the bank. 


When it comes to roofing products, Markin Co sells asphalt roofing that is the standard and solid choice that most Americans use on their homes today, as well as the Enviroshake line of roofing products. These products are higher quality, and will last longer than your typical asphalt roof, and have customization options to fit your vision for your home.

About Us

Markin Co is a company that is around for the benefit of it's customers and employees. Markin Co strives to provide the best service and products for it's customers, as well as to provide a pleasant working environment for it's employees. Because of the company's mentality on working with customers to provide the highest level of satisfaction, Markin Co has been highly rated by almost all of it's customers in the short amount of time that the company has been around.

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