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About Markin Co

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Problems Worth Solving


     A typical Sales Rep agency is neither diverse enough in the products, services, or foresight on new product development nor equipped with the transparency needed to attract the best sales reps in the construction industry.

 There are new manufacturers, processes, innovative materials, and tools being created every day.  The companies involved in this are not generally great at marketing themselves.  Some of these companies do have great products that increase efficiency of homes and decrease labor costs for projects.  Unfortunately, they are in the business of manufacturing but not in the business of marketing. All said and done, manufacturers need a sales team.

Our Solution to the Problem

     The problem in the construction industry does not lie in the rapidity of change taking place.  Contractors and builders have the good old boy mentality. However, the industry is starting to change.  Markin Co. is a company laser focused on sales, distribution, and mobile manufacturing, bringing with it the latest in innovative construction products, processes, and internal company transparency matched no where else in the industry.   Markin Co. is composed of professional sales reps who have extensive backgrounds in both construction and sales and can assist in transitioning companies into a new age of product utilization; taking advantage of all the new innovative products made available.

      Markin Co. will be able to solve all of these problems while, at the same time, creating a work environment that is unlike any other sales rep agency.  Our sales reps will be able to share in the success of the entire company and still have the flexibility of living a rewarding personal life.  Markin Co. has the opportunity to be the leader in bringing newly created products to market while being diverse enough to maintain a system of long-term stability.  The solution is in Markin Co. providing a professional sales-force through distribution, and mobile manufacturing to distributors, construction companies, and the homeowner direct.

Our Advantages


     The advantages of Markin Co. are very simple.  As a company, we are very capable of selecting the best sales reps in the industry.  We can do this because of the products we offer and the ability for our sales reps to concentrate on what they love to do: build and foster advantageous and productive relationships within the industry.  Our sales reps are the best in the industry with verifiable experience as professional salespeople, owners, and construction trade workers.  They have worked in the industry and have many contacts and relationships that makes them beyond valuable.

     Another very important advantage we have as a company is that we can give our sales reps the ability to share in the success of the company as a whole. Additionally, they have the flexibility of a work schedules to meet the rigorous demands of rep’s prospective personal life.  We should “Work to Live” NOT “Live to Work.”  Having a work atmosphere not based on corporate politics, but rather, performance and mutual respect. This translates into a happier corporate upturn and workplace which will, in turn,  attract the best talent with the strongest backgrounds. Markin Co. can be selective on who they hire for these reasons.

     Lastly, we offer the latest, greatest, most exciting products available.  This will inevitably attract more products and additional quality reps, not only in Michigan, but nationally.  Markin Co. is also exploring some future products that include stamped steel roofing, a national program of mobile manufacturing, and possibly, a new composite siding.  If Markin Co. stays in the forefront of new and innovative products this will cement them in as the most desired professional sales team in the Midwest and beyond.

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