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What is Enviroshake?


Enviroshake is a composite roofing shingle that is designed to authentically replicate the look of a natural weathered wood shakes. 95% of the materials used in the product are recycled materials. The Enviroshake composite blend is a mixture of post-industrial plastic(s), recycled elastomers and cellulosic fibres. The proprietary formulation results in a product that has enhanced durability, longevity, and performance. Enviroshake has been tested to Miami Dade, and achieved a category 5 high velocity wind rating, with an industry leading wind speeds of 180 MPH. Enviroshake also uses the latest in UV Inhibitor Technology utilizing HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer) that provides excellent light and effective ultraviolet light protection for applications demanding high light stability, as well as outstanding long-term protection. Enviroshake is not damaged by salt spray and is resistant to moss, mold and mildew. The runoff water from an Enviroshake roof is non-toxic, potable, and even meets World Health Organization drinking water standards.

Enviroshake and Enviroshingle are both composite tile roofing products that are designed to authentically replicate the look of natural weathered cedar roofing materials, but improve upon their performance in terms of weather resistance, resistance to environmental stressors, and overall longevity. Combined, our product lines aims to take care of and minimise roof maintenance, through use of sustainable roofing materials.









What is Envirocool™?


We took our superior proprietary formulation, and enhanced it with inorganic reflective pigments to make a highly engineered cool roofing product that has the quality and benefits associated with Enviroshake Roofing.

EnviroCool™ Benefits


  • EnviroCool™ has an SRI value of 27.4

  • Energy Efficient: Cuts cost by reducing the need for air conditioning and can extend the life of cooling equipment. An EnviroCool™ roof can provide savings on household energy costs by up to 30%- Cool Roof Rating Council

  • Increase Occupant Comfort: An EnviroCool™ roof can result in naturally cooler indoor temperatures.

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions: Lowers CO2 and emissions by cutting back the use of fossil fuelled-generated electricity.

  • Reduce Peak electric power demand

  • 90% of the suns UV’s (Heat) can be reflected off the roof! – Cool Roof Rating Council

  • A typical 50 Square home in Grand Cayman spends about $1000 USD per month on cooling bills. An EnviroCool™ roof can save up to 30% of cooling costs, leading to approximately $300 USD per month in savings.


Envirocool graphic, showcasing the benefits of this Markin Co product,
What is Cool Roofing?

Cool Roofing defines a material that has enhanced properties that allow it to reflect and emit the suns radiation back to the sky instead of transferring the heat into your house. The coolness of a product is measured by the Solar Reflectivity Index, which measures solar and thermal emittance. To be considered a ‘Cool Roof’ a product must have an SRI greater than 19. The higher the value, the cooler the roof. Enviroshake composite roofing products have a Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI) Value of 27.4.

Enviroshake Envirocool Swatch product
Chart showcasing the energy savings you can have while using Envirocool
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