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Enviroshingle Profile. Click image to enlarge.

Custom brown Enviroshingle used in a siding application

Silvered Cedar Enviroshingle

Aged Cedar Enviroshingle

Enviroshake Enviroshingle Profile product image
Custom Enviroshake Enviroshingle brown product
Enviroshake Enviroshingle Silvered Cedar product
Enviroshake Enviroshingle Aged Cedar product

Learn All About Our Composite Cedar Shingle


Enviroshingle™ offers a natural and tailored appearance and is designed to emulate a smooth sawn architecturally uniform perfection cedar shingle. Just like Enviroshake® ’s original Enviroshake® product, the Enviroshingle™ is a composite roof shingle made from 95% post-industrial recycled material. Enviroshingle™ is designed to authentically replicate the look of a natural perfection cedar shingle. Enviroshingle™ is the perfect solution for those who want the look of cedar without the hassle.


The proprietary formulation and manufacturing process results in a product that is has enhanced durability, longevity, and performance. Enviroshingle™ is not susceptible to mold, mildew, fungus, rot or insect infestation. It is also hail resistant and can withstand severe weather conditions and temperature fluctuations and extremes. The Enviroshingle™ can even withstand wind speeds up to 180 MPH (290 km/h). The Enviroshingle™ can be installed efficiently with less waste than traditional cedar, does not require any pretreatment, and once installed is maintenance free. There are no added expenses for preservatives or coatings that are recommended with wood and other products. The Enviroshingle™ will retain its physical properties and look for decades and is even sold with a lifetime warranty that is and fully transferable within the first 50 years for residential projects, and a 50-year warranty for commercial projects.


Enviroshingle™ is available in two profiles (All bundles are pre-shuffled to include a mixture of both profiles). Every shingle is 12” long and 20” wide with a thickness of 5/16″ at the butt end. Each shingle weighs approximately 2 lbs. Enviroshingle™ is installed at a 5” exposure and can be installed on roof slopes 2:12 and greater. Enviroshingle™ can also be used to accent other exterior areas of your home including siding. All ridge caps are custom made for each project (available in 20/12 through 16/12 pitch, and come in bundles of 10).


Enviroshingle™ is available in classic silvered cedar or aged cedar. Enviroshingle™ will weather, and as with cedar, there will be slight variations in shading and thickness of the shakes, giving the product a natural look on the roof.


The Enviroshingle™ offers significant labor savings compared to cedar perfection shingles. Due to Enviroshingle™’s design, it can be installed with 4x less labor than perfection shingles, as cedar shingles require 4x the pieces, and 2x the nails. On a 4000 square foot roof, you would be installing16,800 fewer pieces and would use 22,400 fewer nails by using Enviroshingle™ vs. perfection cedar shingles.


The shingles are designed to be installed at a 5″ exposure like a perfection cedar shingle.


Synthetic Roofing Materials vs. Cedar Shakes & Shingles


Homeowners today are so fortunate that there are various products available when faced with the decision of needing a roof. Composite cedar shakes & shingles, such as Enviroshake & Enviroshingle, are some of the best materials in the market for replicating the natural appeal of a natural cedar shake with enhanced performance & longevity. Composite cedar shakes & shingles are available in various profiles, made through the use of hi-tech 3D natural cedar shingles and shakes images to ensure a true to life alternative. As a result, the sizes, thickness, and wood grains are indistinguishable from natural shakes & shingles.


These synthetic roofing shakes & shingles are available in color choices that replicate natural cedar in the different stages of cedar roof’s life, allowing homeowners to choose between rustic multi-tone, aged cedar and silvered cedar based on their preference. Enviroshake can even be installed in a staggered pattern just as you could with natural cedar to enhance the look even more. Composite shakes & shingles are engineered to slight weather, just like real cedar, to give variations in on the roof enhancing the natural wood aesthetic. However, once the weathering is complete (usually within 1 year) the roof will stay colorfast for the remainder of the roofs life, approximately 50 years. The result is a roof with a wonderful natural look. The composite cedar shakes natural appearance is partly due to the inclusion of natural fibers, known as cellulosic fibers in the composition. These fibers assist in achieving the authentic look of real cedar shingles and shakes.

Extensive Warranty

Most composite roofing materials come with a lifetime warranty. Enviroshake, for instance, offers a lifetime warranty that is fully transferable within the first 50 years. This means that if you were to sell your home, the warranty could be fully transferred to the new homeowners, adding significant resale value to your property. Cedar in most cases is not warranted or has a minimal 25-year warranty. However, in about 10-15 years, real cedar begins curling and rotting, essentially deteriorating the elegant look you wanted for your residential property. Composite shakes & shingles, on the other hand, are a revolutionary product that provides the authentic look of wood, with a lifetime warranty and zero maintenance.


Safe and Durable


Synthetic roofing shakes & shingles are high performing option for homeowners, courtesy of their safe and highly durable nature. They are insect, mildew and mold resistant coupled with the fact that they don’t peel, crack, or rot. They are also not affected by salt spray, UV or freeze/thaw conditions. In fact, Enviroshake can even withstand wind speeds up to 180 MPH without having any shakes breaking off the roof. You will be hard pressed to find another product that can handle such wind speeds. Composite shingles & shakes are also maintenance free, eliminating costly visits from your roofer.


Having gone through extensive impact tests, every homeowner or contractor will find synthetic roofing materials the best in durability. There is no cause for worry in terms of damage from wind, hail, tree limbs or smash up from a repairer or person stepping on the roof. For instance, Enviroshake has the LEVEL IV UL 2218 certification.











Eco-friendly to the Core


Composite cedar products are highly eco-friendly today. In fact, 95 percent of the composite material is sourced from reprocessed fibers, elastomers, and post-industrial polymers. Reducing the impact on the environment, and saving trees in the process.


“Breathing” is Not a Requirement

Installing a cedar roof properly includes a lot of steps and accessories. One of the requirements of real cedar is allowing it to breathe. This is why wooden strips are installed horizontally below natural cedar shake and shingle. Failure to install the roof properly only reduces the life of the cedar making your next re-roof even closer. However, with composite shingles and shakes, the use of cedar breathers and strapping are not required.


Synthetic materials do not need to breathe allowing them to easily be installed on top of a solid roof deck or sheathing. Of course, your roofer should ensure that no matter what you are installing, you have adhered to local building codes and have followed the installation guide for your chosen product.


Cost of Composite Cedar

One of the limitations with natural cedar is that it is a premium product to install and costly to maintain. Composite cedar on the other hand, although installed for a similar premium price to cedar, is much more cost effective over the life of your roof as lifetime cost of maintenance for composite roofing materials is almost zero, and includes a lifetime warranty.
You can actually expect to spend half the total cost of natural cedar, over the life of your roof if you install a composite product like Enviroshake. Learn more about the true cost of cedar shakes and shingles.


Labor Costs

One of the significant savings when it comes to composite cedar vs natural cedar is in terms of labor. Composite roofing material design ensures installation can be done with four times less labor than natural cedar, and fewer accessories. Although composite cedar shakes might be simple to install, most manufacturers such as Enviroshake only give a lifetime warranty when the material is installed by a Factory Trained Enviroshake installer.


Cedar Shingle Siding

If you are thinking about replacing or installing a new kind of siding, you might want to think about the timeless look of cedar shingle siding. Composite cedar shingles are able to transform the exterior of a house in a profound way. Composite cedar siding offers a premium style and a natural look without requiring maintenance. Composite cedar siding, unlike natural cedar, is durable, strong, resistant to insects and weather, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Composite cedar shakes & shingles are exactly what you need when trying to achieve the unique and natural look of real cedar without the disadvantages of real wood such as frequent maintenance, and the natural rotting and deterioration that occurs. Composite cedar siding gives you a great aesthetic, superb function, and lasting performance.


Still, have a question about Enviroshingle™? Contact us!

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