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Homeowners are weary of current options for exterior cladding. The two most popular options in Michigan are vinyl siding or Fiber-Cement. Markin Products Seamless Steel Siding fixes the issues of both of these popular options! 

The DISADVANTAGES of Vinyl are the following:
1.    Vinyl Fades.
2.    Buckles, Warps.
3.    Cracks.
4.    Expand and Contract at high rates.
5.    Has on the average home 100’s of unsightly seams.
6.    NOT fire resistant.
7.    Blows off easily in high wind.
8.    Susceptible to hail damage.
9.    NOT easily recyclable.
10.    Does little to property values.


Markin Co Seamless Steel Siding Image. Call us today to get elegant siding like this on your home!
Markin Co Seamless Steel Siding on a Michigan home.

The DISADVANTAGES of Fiber-Cement are the following:
1.    Known cancer causing properties when cut without a mask.
2.    Very unsightly seams.
3.    Warranty is not stable (Change warranty every couple of years.)
4.    Contributes to “Sick House Syndrome” not allowing home to breath properly.
5.    Fiber-Cement does not hold up well without a lot of maintenance especially in high-humidity climates.
6.    Extreme amount of maintenance.
7.    Fairly expensive.

Markin Co Siding logo.

Why choose Seamless Steel Siding through Markin Products? Well, here's why:



1.    Very Strong.
2.    No Vertical or Horizontal Seams.
3.    100% Recyclable making it a true Green product.
4.    Will Not Warp, Buckle.
5.    Excellent color retention with a 50-Year Warranty (Kynar Coatings)
6.    Will NOT blow off.
7.    Truly Fire Resistant.
8.    Zero-Maintenance.
9.    Does not contribute to a “Sick House Syndrome”.

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