At a 15% discount in this six pack of covers!

Vacuumed-formed PET. 

  • Your environmental choice! Reduces clean-up time and disposal of paint into the environment.
  • For use with T-2005 tray, designed to allow 2nd paint tray to be stacked onto cover for convenient storage.
  • Keeps paint and roller fresh during painting breaks or even overnight. 
  • Accommodates up to a wet 1 1/4 (31mm) pile roller.
  • Opening for handle so that roller and cage frame can be left in tray under the cover. 
  • Extension pole may be rested in cup-like holder and stood up in the TRAYARM, safely off the floor. TRAYARM tool can be left attached as well. 

Jumbo Paint Tray Cover (6 Pack)

  • At a 15% discount in this six pack of liners!