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Markin Co's President, Mark Loveless



     Mr. Loveless has been involved in the building trades for 30+ Years. By the time he was 22 he had built over 300 homes. Mr. Loveless has experience working all over the country and is very adaptable. He is principally involved with a company looking to import German engineered windows, doors, and other innovative products from Germany to the US. Involved in bringing a new patented siding product to market. Have been involved in all phases of construction from Ownership to Sales, Concept to Design, Installation to Carpentry, Distribution to Manufacturing. Mr. Loveless has ran a multi-state siding and window dealership and grew to a multi-million dollar a year company. Mr. Loveless most recently has been in the top 100 earners in the entire country for Renewal by Andersen windows and doors. 

     On a personal note Mr. Loveless has been married for 22 years with 4 daughters. Enjoys working on his family home in Rockford, Michigan. Mr. Loveless has an extensive background in business, processes, and has a knack for marketing, sales processes, development and direction of companies.

Markin Co's CFO, Don Feikema Jr.



Graduated from Calvin College in 1982 with a BA in English.

Taught English in China from 1983-1985.

Began real estate career in 2002 to present.

Have worked on condominium development, real estate investment, and business investment.

Markin Co's COO, Kevi Gunnink



Kevin Gunnink has 35+ years of experience in all phases of construction. He enjoys every aspect of design to completion in residential and commercial construction. Kevin has the unique ability to help his client’s ideas come to reality. Lately he has been involved in designing and remodeling cottages and residential homes. In the past he has been involved with restaurants, single and multifamily housing, fire life safety, mold abatement, and custom wood working.


Personally, Kevin has been married for 20+ years and has 4 children. He enjoys the outdoors, knife making, and adventure riding.

One of Markin Co's Salesman, Jared Wissner



Mr. Wissner has been involved painting for 16 years.  He has commanded top dollar for his work do to his attention to detail and the relationships he has built over the years.  He enjoys renovating homes and won’t settle for anything less than quality top-notch work and quality top-notch products.  This is why he is proud to be a team member of Markin Co.


For fun Mr. Wissner loves anything outdoors.  Rather he hunting, fishing, trapping or mountain biking and boating.  He’s always up for an adventure and trying to dream up the next crazy thing he can build with his hands.

Markin Co's Lead and Events Manager, David Blesh



David Blesh is a 2017 Ferris State Business Admin Graduate, who has 8+ years experience in the customer service industry, as well as 5+ years of experience in building a brand and spearheading entrepreneurial efforts.

In his spare time, he enjoys ice hockey, reading, video games, and business networking. 

Markin Co's Finances and Book Keeper, Pam Gunnink



Pam Gunnink has worked for her husband's previous building business doing secretarial duties. For 10 years, off and on, she has also worked in different capacities in the medical field. She enjoys helping Markin Co. help people with their building needs.


On a personal note, she has been married for over 20 years and has 4 children. She enjoys camping, reading, and traveling.

One of Markin Co's Salesman, Joshua Rozewski



Joshua has over 20 plus years in the construction industry, from Skilled trade work to Construction Management. He has developed key strategies in this industry to help maintain quality control and cost saving measures. He has worked for many years as an owners rep, acting as a liaison between the owner and the construction management firms for projects valued between 250K to 35 Million. Most recently he has helped start up new companies in the construction industry as well as having a vested interest in the companies.


In his personal time, he enjoys spending time with his 7 boys, coaching football, wrestling and baseball. He also enjoys restoring cars with his kids.

Attachments area

One of Markin Co's Installers, Jared Vandyke

Jared Vandyke


Jared Vandyke has two years of experience in home improvement and building, starting straight out of high school, but has been working on small projects with his dad since he was pretty young. He loves working with his hands, and it has always been a part of life he greatly enjoys. Similarly, as a hobby he likes to do carpentry, projects like small furniture or cutting boards and things like that.

One of Markin Co's Sales Associats, Meredith Kilpatrick



Mrs. Kilpatrick is an Outside Sales Representative, Independent Manufacturers Representative for over 10 years, with the last 5 years in wood floor industry. Her most recent experiences are setting up sales and distribution for WOCA Denmark Wood Finishes focused on establishing new and further developing old relationships in Northeast, with a heavy focus on major cities including Boston, New York and Philadelphia.
Mrs. Kilpatrick is able to secure Warehouse space for imported goods in Boston and looking forward to an opportunity to work with Markin Co.

Markin Co's Shipping, Receiving, and Mobile Manufacturing Associate, Ken Billings



Mr. Billings been involved in manufacturing for 26 years. He started as a certified production welder and worked for 10 years at Steelcase Inc. Mr. Billings has a Hilo license qualified on all varieties (diesel, propane, and electric) sizes and purposes since 1998.
Mr. Billings is well versed in office procedures using QAD and NetUi related to billing and shipping. These systems track open orders, existing pre-shippers, final bill of lading, and receiving material. These programs Mr. Billings conducted inventory searches and printing barcodes. Mr. Billings is ISO 9000/01/04 Certified. He is aware of how these operations work and can train employees in these systems. Mr. Billings takes a lot of pride in the fact he is a very dedicated long-term “anchor” employee with loyalty that goes beyond anyone else in his field.

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