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Here is an image of one of Markin Co's window jobs. Contact us today for a free estimate on how much it will take for Markin Co to install windows as beautiful as this!

Markin Co is a Certified Installation Company committed to providing beautiful, high-quality, highly energy efficient, low maintenance windows and patio doors to our clients. Choosing windows requires serious consideration. There are many factors that our clients consider to be important when choosing windows and doors:
•    Increased efficiency and insulation. 
•    Light and ventilation.
•    Security
•    Decoration (Colors and Style) of the interior and exterior of your home.
•    Preserving look and integrity of the house.
•    General Maintenance
•    Controlling sound.
•    Expanding a clients connection to the outdoors.
There are many reasons why a person may choose to replace their windows and doors. Markin Co is here to help our clients from concept to completion. Our promise to our clients is to always provide the latest technology, represent proven companies, with integrity and will always listen to our clients needs. 
As a result, Markin Co offers the most aesthetically contemporary and technologically advanced energy-efficient window systems in the industry. We painstakingly selected the best window manufacturers and partnered with them to give our clients the best in material options, color selections, efficiency, and warranties in the business. 
Markin Co promises the following:
•    Up-Front and fair pricing model.
•    Never pressure a client in the home.
•    Present options based on need of client and allow the client to choose. 
•    Markin Co salesman does NOT work on a par system. This system is unfair to clients who may be able to negotiate better with the contractor than their neighbors.
•    Markin will always provide and offer the cutting edge of products evolution to our clients. This will enable our clients to ensure they are getting the best possible window and door system for their home available.
Markin Co works with WeatherShield Windows and Doors. The WeatherShield Family of Brands approaches materials differently. WeatherShield distinguish themselves with the highest standards for material selection, sourcing, and development. WeatherShield window and door materials — wood, extruded aluminum, and Vinyl— offer unique benefits for homeowners, builders, and architects. 
Markin Co also sees the need to offer a vinyl window line to our clients. After many experiences with many, many different window and door manufactur’s offering vinyl windows in the market. Markin Co has settled on two vinyl window and door manufacturers’. Provia Windows and Door and Slocomb Windows and Doors. These companies provide exceptional vinyl windows and doors at exceptional pricing. 

Interested in our window products? Click the icons below, to learn more about our window brands!

Provia's logo, one of Markin Co's main suppliers of windows.

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